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gaughi Dolls


gaughi Dolls
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The Designer

gaughis are the original creations of artist Kathy Meyer and they love to travel to far away places or have a daily jaunt in a purse.
They enjoy hanging out on desks and just showing up in unexpected places to stimulate hilarity and fun conversation wherever they may be found.



gaughi Kit Includes 

-  1 Finished Doll Body (a solid color body of soft cotton, filled with a hard plastic pellet)
-  1 Painted Canvas Face
-  1 Matching Fabric Backing for Face
-  1 Piece of Velcro


Each Doll is approximately
7 inches high by 4 inches wide
Each gaughi Doll Kit is $45.00



Name:  Cessil
Occuaption:  Cinematographer
Likes:  Avant-garde subjects, traveling, interesting people, collecting cameras and photographs
Dislikes:  Bad lighting, running out of film, and name spelled wrong on "Director's Chair"



Name:  Nick
Occuaption:  Beatnick
Likes:  Cool dudes, great jazz, poetry readings and cozy blue-smoke filled rooms
Dislikes:  Those who can't look beyond the obvious and those who don't own any good music or books



Name:  Bonnet
Occuaption:  Milliner(ess)
Likes:  A beautiful chapeau, a wild beret and hatpins
Dislikes:  Ski Masks, strong winds and "hat hair"



Name:  Terra
Occuaption:  Environmental Engineer
Likes:  Gardening, boating, sound of the ocean and seaside towns
Dislikes:  Habitat destruction, smog, litterbugs and mosquitos



Name:  Conga
Occuaption:  Tribal Dance Instructor
Likes:  Wild animals, drums and grass skirts
Dislikes:  Pocahers, cold weather and lawn mowers


"Tay Tay"

Name:  Tay Tay
Occuaption:  Wise Family Female
Likes:  To care for others, listen to woes and tell tales of wisdom
Dislikes:  People who won't try to obtain their dreams, to be questioned by others and the word "can't"

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